Leisure and culture

You are invited to enjoy a wide variety of pagan art, games and more

Pagan Art and Tattoos     

76952_426720710730749_293900610_n         20130505_144332             פרספונה

Artist: Hadas                          Artist: Hila Victoria                       Tattoo: Persephone

Pagan Marketplace

 Whitewoodshop.com  – http://www.facebook.com/Whitewood.shop

Shira – Creating oils and energetic jewelry  http://www.facebook.com/shira29

Magickal Jewelry in unique design http://www.facebook.com/Goddess.Jewelry.T.R

Sheloya Mystical – http://www.soulmindbody.net/store




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!Do it yourself – DIY the pagan way
Are you creative and always preferred to do things yourself? If yes, this corner is meant for you! In this workshop by Hila Victoria you can learn how to create a really cool earrings from bottle plugs!