About us

The Pagan Federation International – PFI

The Federation was established in 1971 in order to to serve as a pagans wherever they are. Over the years the Pagan Federation  International became an address any issue, whether it’s advocacy, organizing ceremonies, festivals and even give legal representation pagans who needed it.

The Pagan Federation International is a global organization – a political, non-profit All the officers are volunteers who donate their time and talents to the Federation without consideration

In March 2013, after several months of efforts, the official Israeli branch of the Pagan Federation International was established.

You are welcome to to be updated through the various activities of our website, join our virtual magazine – comes off really soon – and take part in our Facebook page right here http://www.facebook.com/PFI.Israel?ref=hl

Congratulations and happily met

World Pagan Federation – Israel Branch