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How the Israeli PFI branch was born?

Written by: Raz Tuba-Pere – Manager

The idea to create the first pagan social organization came to my mind in Beltane 2009

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 Welcome to the website of the Pagan Federation International – Israel

This is our place – The pagans in Israel.

To get updates about news, activities and be a part of the Pagan Federation International.

 In the website you can find articles, information and you will be able to contact the management team of the Israeli branch.

The Israeli branch target is to become a home for pagans, no matter which path they follow.

You are invited to write to us through the contact us page, read academic articles or find articles that were written by the Israeli pagan community members.

Here, you can be yourself!

To share and participate.

You are invited to visit our Facebook page:

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